What Is the Most Friendly Breed of Dog?


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The American Kennel Club (AKC) has compiled the following list of the 10 most friendly dogs based upon their temperament testing results. These pups were tested across a variety of categories including aggressiveness toward strangers, shyness around other animals and how quickly they approach people. They also considered each breed’s overall desire to please and interact with others. So what did we learn about those cute-looking puppies out there? Read on!


Shih Tzu


This graceful little hair ball was named “most friendly” because it showed an eager interest in interacting with everyone. In fact, it wanted to lick faces, paws and anything else within reach. Not only does this make it one of the friendliest breeds, but it makes it also one of the easiest to train. This gentle breed loves nothing more than cuddling, so expect lots of snuggles from this pup!




Although the big guys aren’t always known as the most affectionate dogs, the sweet and gentle Pekinese proved itself among the most friendly on the AKC’s tests. This breed has a calm demeanor and wants nothing more than to be close to its owners. And while it may not jump into your lap every time you get home, it will definitely give you plenty of kisses along the way.

Yorkshire Terrier


These tiny fur balls have been called everything from “gentle giants” to “the world’s most adorable dog.” They’re also very friendly and laid back — perfect for small apartments or busy lifestyles. Despite their size, these smarty pants know how to keep themselves entertained. Expect them to follow you everywhere you go, even outside. Just don’t forget their favorite toy when you head out. Otherwise, they could turn into yappy little monsters!


Cocker Spaniel


A cocker spaniel’s happy attitude means he or she is likely to greet visitors at the door instead of hiding under the table. Cockers tend to be rather active and love playing fetch, chasing sticks, running around the yard and exploring. Although they don’t mind a bit of roughhousing, they prefer to play gently so watch your hands when you try to pick up this puppy.


English Springer Spaniel


English spaniels are very intelligent, easygoing and patient. Their good mood and soft coats mean they’re also very popular pets. Plus, the English bulldog may be the cutest critter ever created. This breed earned high marks for its willingness to socialize with strangers and enjoy quality time with its owner.


Shiba Inu


Shiba Inus are famous for their thick white furs, but underneath that coat lies a warm, playful spirit. This Japanese Akita mixes together the gentleness of a cat, the loyalty of a wolf and the intelligence of a dog. Its calm nature makes it especially well suited for families with children or seniors.


Border Collie


Border collies are energetic, lively and protective. They’re also extremely intelligent, making them ideal for agility training and obedience classes. Like many herding dogs, border collies are happiest when working. However, they still love spending time with humans and showered with attention often.


Great Dane


Great Danes are large enough to take care of themselves, but also sweet enough to let their masters spoil them rotten. They’re usually reserved toward strangers, but once they trust you, this giant mutt won’t stop giving you kisses. They make excellent companions for kids or older folks, thanks to their low-key personalities.


Bull Mastiff


Bull mastiffs are enormous, muscular dogs that need loads of exercise and stimulation to avoid becoming bored and destructive. This breed is typically quiet and calm unless riled up. When they’re not protecting their owners, they spend time lounging or chewing toys. Mastiff lovers should remember to keep their homes clean and free of clutter to prevent any potential accidents.




Boxers are outgoing, athletic and full of life. This energetic breed gets its name from boxing matches, where boxers would fight over scraps left behind after food was served. Today, boxers are best known for their ability to compete in sports events such as agility competitions. They’ve got strong jaws and sharp teeth, so they occasionally nip at their handlers’ feet to mark their territory.


­There are four types of dogs recognized by the United Kennel Club: sporting, working, herding/obedience and utility. Sporting dogs excel at activities like hunting, retrieving and sightseeing. Working dogs include guide dogs, assistance dogs and therapy dogs. Herding/obedience dogs include hounds, retrievers, pointers and setters. Utility dogs include hearing aids, service dogs, sniffer pigs and guard dogs.


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