Traveling by Air with Your Dog

Traveling by an airliner with your dog is not at all a problem these days. All you need to do is to take your dog in an airline approved pet carrier. The process should start from the time you make a reservation of an airline ticket for yourself and the dog. You may know that your pet will be stowed under the front seat before you. Airlines have distinct rules and regulations for pet carriers. They only allow a fix number of pets in the airliner's cabin in a single flight. You must make it positive to know the exact rules of the airline, you have chosen for the tour. Definite guidelines in this respect are available while you make the advance reservation. if you forget this vital point, you may find yourself in a very occurred position at the airport and may be stranded with your pet. Additional restrictions may be there depending on the weather or seasonal environment. So, be careful and verify the rules and regulations of the airline before the start of the journey.

The important factor will be the size of the pet a, which will resolve whether you will take a hard plastic pet carrier or a softer one. If your pet is a large one, it will be carried in a separate place in the cargo hold of the airline. For this purpose, you will have to take a big size carrier so that the dog can stand up and turn around during the flight. Airlines authority will check up the fitness of the carrier and put the reference of the owner of the dog and will place the dog in the right position of the airliner. In case of a smaller dog, airlines allow them to be place at the floor near you under the front seat. It should be noted that your pet is not allowed to be taken out of the carrier for the entire flight time even it is delayed for various reasons. You must choose the pet carrier to allow your pet to be comfortable and at the same time approved by the airline.

You must think of the comfort of the pet traveling with you on board. Both the soft pet carrier and the hard pet carrier should be approved for use in the cabin. It is better to verify the permissible size beforehand.

When the dog is extra large, it will have to travel in the cargo hold and will require a hard plastic airline approved pet carrier. Rules are a little bit different from one airline to another. It will be wise to know the exact guidelines in this matter. In any case, attention should be given to the comfort of the animal by allowing enough places for standing and turning inside the pet carrier. In short, you must enquire about the guidelines and arrange for an approved pet carrier for your dog to make an air travel with your dog satisfactorily. You will find plenty of them in the market.

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