Chicago's Montrose Dog Beach

Do you live in Chicago? Do you enjoy going to the beach a lot, but can't seem to find a beach that both you and your pet dog can enjoy together in that area? Well, if you are trying to find a beach that both you and your dog can enjoy together, you need to go to Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago, Illinois.

Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago is located on Wilson Drive and can be accessed from North Simons Drive as well. However this is a beach that does require a permit, which can be bought for five dollar from your local Chicago area vet after your pet has been exam and vaccinated for whatever your dog might need. The reason the beach requires you to do that are because they are making sure all dogs are safe on the beach because there is no required leash law. If …

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Humor: How to Remove Skunk Odor from Your Dog

Do I smell burning rubber? What the heck is that smell? Rubbing my eyes and stumbling out of bed, I hear the dryer door close. Maybe the washing machine is on the fritz, I think to myself. Then I see her. Huddled in the corner, looking sheepish, like she'd just gotten into trouble. "Don't blame me mom, I didn't mean to, really!" The smell was emulating from the dog and was definitely skunk. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Yelling for my husband, he came running up the stairs frantically to see what was the matter. "Did you happen to smell anything funny when you let the dog inside I snap?" It was no use. I knew the dog would have been upstairs before the patio door was even closed. What should we do now?

Breathing through our mouths, we quickly slid the dog into the bathtub. Using …

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Insulating the Doghouse

It has been extremely cold and there has been a ton of snow this winter. North Idaho usually sees a bad winter sometimes. A little away from where I live the snow can really get bad. There have been times when the snow fall was not all that bad. This time we had it quite bad twice in a row. The kids couldn't go to school and the dog couldn't leave the house. The snow just kept coming relentlessly.

The dog behaves himself and we don't mind having him around the house because he is too old to be badly behaved. A long time ago things were different because our dog was younger besides we couldn't take him into the house because of the rules. So in order to make sure that our dog wouldn't freeze to death in the winter outside we had to get him a well insulated …

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Doggy Day Camp: A Better Option for Latchkey Dogs

You wouldn't leave your toddler to play alone in your house while you go to work. You wouldn't cage your child to go on a day trip. Why do we do this to our dogs? It used to be that there was no other option for the canine parent. Now there are doggy day camps and day cares springing up all over the country. Have you explored one yet? There are many reasons to do so.

Dogs need socialization. They need to experience new places, new objects, new people, and new dogs. If they don't, their reactions to the unknown can become aggressive or fearful. At a day care, your dog enjoys the companionship of many other dogs in a new environment. Keep in mind that if your dog is already showing fear or aggression, you must first consult and work with a reputable trainer before leaving him at a …

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Knowing Lymphoma in Dogs

One of the factors about Lymphoma is that it can be found in just about any breed of dog at any age. When you are aware of the symptoms of lymphoma then you will be better able to have your dog treated before the cancer can become worse. Lymphoma is a malignant cancer and it is part of the lymphoid system. The lymphoid system is a part of the animal's immune system which helps the dog fight off the infectious viruses and bacteria. The lymph nodes are found in the animals' liver, spleen, gastrointestinal tract and skin. Lymphoma in dog's symptoms may show up in gastrointestinal form that occurs in the stomach, intestines, liver and lymph nodes in the abdomen.

There is a better understanding of how lymphomas form in a dog but the reason why still a mystery to veterinarians is. The theory behind how lymphomas form in dogs …

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Heatstroke in Dogs

Summer is in full force, and with the blazing temperatures and high humidity your dogs are more at risk of developing heatstroke. Summer is not the time to take your dog with you when you run errands so please leave him at home in cool shelter with plenty of water. No pet should be left inside a vehicle during the summer – even with all of the windows rolled down. The temperature inside a vehicle during the summer (even if the temperature is only in the 70's) can rise quickly within a matter of minutes and can easily cause heatstroke.

Heatstroke can cause blood-clotting abnormalities, brain swelling, seizures, kidney failure, shock, coma and death. The adverse conditions might not appear right away, so please take the signs seriously; and more importantly, take precautions.

Signs of Heatstroke in Your Dog 

  • Excessive Panting (*Note: Dogs pant to cool down but when
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Therapy Dogs Heal Soldiers

A man stands a distance away from a booth being run by Amanda Hackbarth, a membership chair of the German Shepherd Dog Club, as well a volunteer for the American Red Cross. Close by is her faithful therapy dog, Fritz. They are participating in the Public Education Seattle Kennel Club show. A man approaches and asks, "May I pet fritz?" She replies back. "Sure." He kneels down to pet Fritz and with in seconds he starts to become emotional, and then begins to cry. He stands up, and with tears streaming down his face says, "That's the first time I have pet another dog in 35 years. I was a Vietnam dog handler. I have never been able to touch another German Shepherded because I had to leave mine there. I have had to just get over this. Thank you for letting me pet your dog."

Like clockwork, everyday you …

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Dallas Doggie Daycare Spas

Dallas has some wealthy people who own pets. It has always been a place where people spend money on lavish lifestyles. You'd be surprised how people can pamper their dogs–sometimes showering them with better care than they give their own children! That said, the day care business for dogs is really becoming popular in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. There are lots of different providers to choose from here. Some particularly caught my attention. 
Pooch Patio is quite the luxury hotel for canine pets. It operates on a little different twist by providing areas where pet owners can relax with their pooches and have a java or play in another area. They serve beer and wine in the Java Hous Bistro as well. Also unusual is the fact that they allow people to go and do grooming themselves, then relax at the bistro. This costs just $14.95 for mid-sized dogs …

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Pros of Adopting a Dog from a Shelter

Dogs make great pets. Although they are great pets, bringing a dog into your home is an important decision. Many people tend to look for puppies of perfect pedigree when searching for their new dog. Of course, the purebred dogs are going to look great and be cute, but that's not what's most important in a dog. Many people skip the pound or the shelter when looking for their new dog, but there are actually many pros to buying a dog from a shelter.


The greatest advantage to adopting a dog from a shelter is the satisfaction of rescuing that dog. There are millions of dogs that are stuck in shelters because their owners could not take care of them or abused them. Most of the dogs that end up in a shelter did not have a great life before they were sent to the shelter, and everyone knows …

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One Reason Why Your Dog Should Have a Yearly Physical Exam

Our cute furry friends can't really tell us what's wrong, but they can try to tell and show us. I normally take my nearly eight-year old dachshund in for a yearly checkup. This year, however, I decided to do that a little bit early.

Daisy had started acting kind of funny. I thought perhaps it was just from several changes going on at home. But then, I would find her hiding and crying, even when there was no storm going on. When she started tucking her tail, that's when I started to worry.

Off to the vet we went. At first, the vet thought the fur loss was her shedding her coat to prepare for upcoming hot weather. When clumps came off, the vet knew that definitely couldn't be it. After explaining to her all the changes I had noticed in my dog, the vet checked a couple of areas …

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