NFL Schedule Filled with Home Underdogs This Weekend

The NFL playoff schedule has four games this weekend where the road team is expected to win. Many NFL pundits believe that the Falcons, Colts, Ravens and Dolphins are just more stronger than the Cardinals, Chargers, Dolphins and Vikings. This would be a record setting achievement for road playoff teams on wild card weekend, but not surprising to many. But in this law of averages, at least one road team will have to lose, or maybe two.

Which teams will those be in this week's NFL schedule? Admittingly, it may be hard to find one, but here is what the end results may look like.

The Arizona Cardinals are the least favored team in this week's schedule, due to their terrible finish. It is also due to the Atlanta Falcons' big run to end the year and the rising stardom of Matt Ryan and Michael Tucker. However, Ryan is playing in his first playoff game, and this is the first one for many of these Falcons.

On the other hand, the Cardinals' various weapons may be gassed out, or may not be able to flip the switch back on in time. Tucker is a playoff veteran, and Ryan will just need mistake free football to win, as he has all season. So the Cardinals should be the first team to fall on the schedule this week.

The second today in today's NFL schedule has the Colts and Chargers. The Chargers are now seen as a team that is ready to make a Super Bowl run, like they were expected to at the start of the season. Few people aren't even uneasy about handing these expectations to an 8-8 team like the Chargers.

The Chargers bandwagon has grown so much, MVP Peyton Manning is taking a backseat, as are the less than 100% conditions of LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. The Colts will not be a losing road favorite this week.

The Eagles and Vikings close out the week's playoff schedule on Sunday night. Considering how awful the Eagles play at their worst, they could easily fall. But the Vikings are just as bad at their worst, and are easier to beat at full strength than the Eagles are.

All Eagles' defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has to do is blitz full strength and stop Adrian Peterson, and the Eagles should eventually get enough offense to overtake the Vikings.

The most vulnerable road favorite on this week's schedule is probably the Baltimore Ravens, against the Dolphins. The Ravens have been a solid pick due to their destructive defense, rookie Joe Flacco, and the Dolphins' beating up mostly cupcakes this season.

But Miami has defied all expectations all season long- therefore, go with the formula that works. The Dolphins have the most momentum, and the most favorable match up, of all the home NFL teams on this week's schedule. At least by comparison.

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