New Dog Names for 2021

700 Best Boy Dog Names with Meanings! Updated 2021! | Dog names, Dogs names  list, Boy dog namesWhen you’re searching for a dog, the dog has to fit your personality. When choosing a dog you also have to think about how much living space they need. A name is probably the hardest part when choosing a dog. Dog names are fun to choose too! There are many different names that you can come up with. There are also some that I think would be popular in 2021.

I think that you should stay away from dog names that people might not understand. It could be fun to have a name that’s cute, but you don’t want it to get old fast. For instance names that could be cute or funny at first(for about a week) would be names like: couch, stinky, smelly, dog. The joke gets old real fast. It would be really bad if you gave you’re a dog a name like “Smelly,” and then decide to change it week later and then you realize that he only responds to Smelly.

The name should stay in the range of one or two syllables. It’s nice and short and a lot of people prefer the shorter names when calling out to their dog. Human names for dogs are okay, but I don’t recommend it. It would be a little weird saying “Max was eating off the floor again!” and have everyone think that you are talking about your kid or husband. It would be funny though.

Okay, now on to the names!

I am going to start off with names that fit the dogs fur to expand your options.

Black dogs: Bon Bon, Spritz, Cookie, Caviar, Olive, Corkie, Kong, Monk, Spunk, Tank, Buddah, Aero, Monkey

White dogs: Lady, Latte, Cashmere, Cash, Mottz, Frosty, Daisy, Scooby

Brown: Chip, Java, Doodle, Peanut, Oreo, Expresso, Mahki

Random Names: Aspen, Capri, Denali, Mahler, Nirvana

Big Dog: Godzilla, Zilla, Moose, Tank, Buddah, Spike, Stang, Rex, Dodge, Brutus, Chubacca

Small Dog: Tink, Putty, Bubbles, Sparkles, Star, Shelly, Gumball, Sprinkles, Nibbles, Widget, Kisses, Smooches, Little-foot, Bug

  1. Widget would be a fun name for a small Yorkie! It’s a great name and it means a placeholder name for an object. Its cute and it sounds edgy.
  2. Buddah would be a good name for a big Rotweiler. Rotweilers are big and lovable this would be a great name for a pup. Buddah is a god of Zen.
  3. Moose: moose would be good for a great dane. Great danes are big and they could look like a moose to some because of their size.
  4. Kisses: is a good name for a miniature poodle.
  5. Zilla would be a great name for a pit-bull. They are sometimes thought of as aggressive dogs so the name would be appropriate.
  6. Denali would be a great name for a tall white poodle. Denali is the name of a car.
  7. Tank would be a good name for a big dog like a pitt-bull or a rotweiler.
  8. Corky would be a good name for a wiener dog. Corks are small and long. It would be appropriate for a long dog, or a dog that has a lot of personality.

I hope that I sparked your creativity and gave you some great ideas for puppy names!

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