My Dog Has Something in Her Throat

We just got a puppy for my birthday. We already have two older dogs who seem to be really bothered by the fact that we are trying to train her not to poop and pee on the bed or in the house for that matter. It has brought a bit of a division in the house however that wasn't even the biggest issue, the biggest issue is that not even 24 hours later we start noticing something strange. The puppy would open her mouth up wide, look like she has something stuck in her throat and then foam up.

My first intuition was to ignore it since it only happened once, but then it started happening more frequently. I started getting worried so I looked it up on Google. Of course people started either making it sound worse than it really is or down-playing it big time. I started wondering if there's anything that really explains kennel cough in layman terms. It's almost disturbing because people were telling each other to worry big time if their dog was foaming. This is not to be misunderstood with rabies.

The first thing I noticed was that Miss was eating normally which was a good thing because if she wasn't, I'd get really worried. I ended up calling the people I bought my dog from. (She's a 10 week old Chihuahua.) They immediately asked me to bring her in which worried me even more but I'm glad I did because if I didn't bring her in and they didn't diagnose her with Kennel Cough I would've had to pay for the medicine but instead they provided me some meds after keeping her overnight for observation.

The first thing to do is notice if your dog is hacking (sounds like something is stuck in their throat.) If she/he is hacking and then foams then keep in mind that it's phlegm just like when we have colds and spit up from our throats. It's like a common cold for humans but is called Kennel Cough for dogs. There are many situations that this can be caused by but generally it's caused by being taken home from the place that they're used to being in. That's one stress factor. Not only that but also other things like being exposed to the cold, smoking around the dog.

If you are a smoker, it's not a good idea to smoke around your dog, just like it's not a good idea to smoke around your children. A dog has heightened senses and will react to smoke just as negatively if not more negatively to the smoke from your cigarette.)

If you hear your dog hacking the first thing I'd suggest is call the place you got the dog from and check in, tell them there's something to be concerned about. If they refuse responsibility, simply go to your vet and get the dog checked. Quite often, kennel cough will go away on its own however if it continues more than 2 weeks take your dog in. I would hope you wouldn't wait 2 weeks to take her/him anywhere to get it checked.

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