Misunderstood Dog or a Furry Satan: Adventures of a Show Dog Gone Bad

Last winter was a hard time for my family. My new parents were still living in separate apartments. I was going back and forth every night. While the car rides were great, I was getting tired of the hectic schedule. So I decided to teach them a lesson.

I tried to start off with a warning, like any good dog would. I pooped in the foyer of my dad's apartment. I did it right where you walk in so he would see it and understand my displeasure. All he did was yell at me and not pet me. Obviously, that attempt was a failure. So I moved on to my mom's house.

The next night, I poop on her floor and then ate some cat poop, YUM! She didn't get it either. Her and dad went and bought one of those kennels that are fabric and zip up on the front back and sides. They started keeping me in there when they left. Why couldn't they understand what I was trying to tell them?

One night they took me to my grandparents house, and they left to go eat turkey. "I'll show them," I said. After a few minutes, I figured out how to unzip the kennel. I ran around the house free as a bird! I chased my grandparents cats all around the house. In one bedroom, down the stairs, to the family room, until I was distracted by the fragrant smell of cat poo. After having my fill, I went for dessert.

A large chocolate cake my mom made sat beautifully atop the kitchen counter. I pulled the entire cake, plate and all, to the floor. And ate it. My mom is a great cook! Just in case they still didn't get it, I peed in the foyer of my grandparents house. Completely satisfied that my parents would learn their lesson, I jumped on the couch and settled in for a nap.

Boy was I wrong! My parents and grandparents were livid when they got home. We had to leave the house that night. I was put in the bad of the cold truck and made to ride home that way. I could understand! They can't be mad at me; I'm mad at them.

The next month was filled with poop and yelling. Every time they would leave me alone, I would poop. Communication in the house had broken down. Then came the tipping point. We moved into a house.

I was so excited! I ran all over the house! I smelled everything. I even had my own grass to poop on. It was great! "They finally understand me," I thought. Mom started moving boxes until dad got off work. We had so much fun. Then she put me in the yard while she left to get more boxes. "Wait," I screamed. "This isn't what I wanted!" We had made so much progress…

I decided I would pull the ultimate punch and I broke out of the yard.

Keep checking for Part III to see the trouble I found after running away.

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