Is Your Dog Trying to Tell You Something?

Every time I try to take my dogs to the local vet, the dog's pull away and poop on the floor the second we enter the building. I have always dismissed this as being nervous about other dogs, as mine are territorial, but I think they have been trying to tell use something more.

I realize that this particular problem is partially our fault as the doggy daycare turned my Miniature Schnauzers away because they were due for shots and they would not take them for three days after they got the shots. We could have done a better job of planning ahead. Still every time we use the vet for boarding, they shave all of the hair from our dogs and my two miniature schnauzers turn into naked mole rats. This time was the final straw.

Now our regular groomer never has to shave them no matter how many kinks are in their coat. In addition to this, we always bring them to the vet freshly brushed and combed out. The problem is that I do not believe they exercise the dogs the way they claim to and leave my dogs lying in crates all day. Therefore, after this trip where they were at the vets for over a week, I got back dogs with Schnauzer faces and shaved bodies.

So my husband goes to pick up the dogs after giving explicit instructions not to shave them and is told casually, "we shaved your dogs, sorry". We received no phone calls. We were given no options, as we would have told them that we would groom them ourselves. We had no chances to protest. To make matters worse my dogs tummies, throats, and legs were covered with cuts and scratches that took a few days to show. I think that in addition to taking my dogs elsewhere for grooming and vacation that we will be finding another vet. I had previously remained loyal because they saved my dog's life after he ingested a belly full of stones, but care of my dogs has gotten progressively worse over the last 5 years.

We have had other warning signs over the last few years that my dogs should not be going to this vet. As I mentioned before they obviously don't want to enter the building, and always poop on the waiting room floor. On the other hand, they practically drag me into the groomer and the doggy day care, so this is a unique issue.

Besides my gut reaction based on my dogs' jacked up haircuts and their reaction to going in to the office, I have nothing concrete to go on. My dogs do not exhibit any telltale signs of aggression or fear such as licking lips, and growling.

Still I am sure now that my dogs are trying to tell me that they don't get the care they are used to and I plan to take my dogs and my business elsewhere. If my children were acting strange around someone or a particular place, I would have change the situation a long time ago. All I can say is I am learning.

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