Insulating the Doghouse

It has been extremely cold and there has been a ton of snow this winter. North Idaho usually sees a bad winter sometimes. A little away from where I live the snow can really get bad. There have been times when the snow fall was not all that bad. This time we had it quite bad twice in a row. The kids couldn't go to school and the dog couldn't leave the house. The snow just kept coming relentlessly.

The dog behaves himself and we don't mind having him around the house because he is too old to be badly behaved. A long time ago things were different because our dog was younger besides we couldn't take him into the house because of the rules. So in order to make sure that our dog wouldn't freeze to death in the winter outside we had to get him a well insulated dog house.

My husband believes in doing everything himself. He got on the Internet and figured out how he would go about making a doghouse himself. There is no point in me giving you information that is available in abundance on the Internet. So I am going to give you some basic guidelines on how to land yourself a good doghouse building plan. Some of you may not have the time to put into making one from scratch. You can go ahead and buy one too but you must keep the following things in mind.

The most important thing is to make sure you get the correct size. You cannot have one that is too small or too big. Your dog must find it cozy enough and must also at the same time have enough room to move around. Begin with measuring your dog. You must measure how tall your dog is and what the width of his body is. A flat roof is definitely better than a slanting one because the latter will not serve the purpose of keeping your dog warm.

Make sure that the doghouse is not on the ground. In case you were going to buy a readymade doghouse and it doesn't have something at the bottom to elevate it you need not worry. You can always place something under the house to get off the ground. When the doghouse does not come in contact with the ground there is no question of it getting wet or musty.

It is always a better idea to have a two-part doghouse. The wind is unpredictable and if the area in which the animal is sleeping is not too directly away from the front of the doghouse it is likely that the gushing wind will go directly into the doghouse. A lot of dog houses are built in such a way that they can be extended or made bigger when it's hot so the dog has enough ventilation and can keep cool.

Now that you have all this information I wish you luck in finding or making a nice house for your dog. Go by the book and you can be rest assured that your dog will have a loving, warm and comfortable winter.

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