Humor: How to Remove Skunk Odor from Your Dog

Do I smell burning rubber? What the heck is that smell? Rubbing my eyes and stumbling out of bed, I hear the dryer door close. Maybe the washing machine is on the fritz, I think to myself. Then I see her. Huddled in the corner, looking sheepish, like she'd just gotten into trouble. "Don't blame me mom, I didn't mean to, really!" The smell was emulating from the dog and was definitely skunk. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Yelling for my husband, he came running up the stairs frantically to see what was the matter. "Did you happen to smell anything funny when you let the dog inside I snap?" It was no use. I knew the dog would have been upstairs before the patio door was even closed. What should we do now?

Breathing through our mouths, we quickly slid the dog into the bathtub. Using the rest of the dog shampoo and a gallon of water, we got to work scrubbing her down. It didn't even mask the smell. What now? Being the modern age, I quickly googled ideas like a detective. Try baking soda I exclaim! Pouring the powder over the dog, her coat quickly thickened into what looked like a preschool paste. It was terrible.

As the home remedies were working so well, we decided to try one more. Sources indicated bathing your dog in tomato juice sometimes helps. We didn't have any tomato juice on hand, but we had tomato soup. We decided to give it a whorl. It wasn't quite spring yet, and living in Canada, the soup cans in the garage were pretty much solidified. The soup slowly oozed out of the can, making a big plopping sound and we squished the goop through the poor dog's hair. Looking up at us from the tub, she looked incredibly pathetic, as only a dog can do. "I can't take it anymore mom, please stop!" Washing out the soup, we stared at each other in horror. What were we thinking? Our longhaired, cream-colored Wheaten Terrier was now an awful reddish brown stain. She looked like a rusty dog statue or covered in dried blood. Could it get any worse?

After exhausting our resources on dog shampoo, baking soda, tomato soup and a good dose of Febreeze, it was time to ask the professionals for help. My husband had a long soapy shower and raced over to the vet for suggestions. She recommended a product called "Skunk Off". It was easy to use and worked like a miracle. It didn't just cover up the scent; it actually got rid of it! We still keep an emergency bottle in our laundry room today.

I'll never forget steam cleaning the carpets, washing the drapes and dusting our entire house with Febreeze. My mom left her cleaning supplies on the lawn to avoid the stench wafting from our front door. Even with all the crazy things we tried, I'm grateful we never resorted to shaving her head like Brittney Spears! My recommendations are to leave the home remedies for colds and consult the experts when it comes to skunks. "Oh, oh, I gotta run, I hear my dog barking outside!"

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