How to Help Feed Shelter Dogs and Cats

Feed the Hungry COVID-19 Fund - American Humane - American HumaneI’m an avid People magazine reader. In fact, I have purchased three year subscriptions from People for a long time. I have to keep up with my entertainment news. They have a section in people titled Heroes Among Us and this twelve year old girl, Mimi, was featured. After reading the article, I was amazed by this girl’s efforts. Mimi was helping feed shelter dogs and cats.

At the young age of nine, Mimi already had the desire to volunteer and help those in need. She started volunteering at her local animal shelter cleaning up after the animals. From helping out at the shelter, Mimi found out that most shelters did not have enough food to feed the animals. This was news to me, too. I was not aware that shelters were in need of food.

Mimi with the help of a local Oregon business, Castor and Pullox Pet Works, figured out a way to get shelters the food they needed. was created, which is a website where you can visit daily to answer a trivia question for dogs and one for cats. Every question that is answered Castor and Pullox donates 10 pieces of dry kibble to Mimi’s efforts. Because of her extreme compassion for animals and her hard work with, Castor and Pullox and the little girl from Oregon supplies eleven shelters regularly.

Ten kibble pieces may not sound like much, but Mimi has managed to give cats and dogs 632,149 nutritious meals. The website she created is such a great idea. And you can learn interesting facts about felines and doggies. Cats have 32 muscles in each ear so they can turn them 180 degrees. Maremmas (Italian sheepdogs) protect Fairy Penguins on an island off Australia. The questions are fun and I’ve learned things that I never knew about these furry animals.

It doesn’t take long to answer the trivia questions. Sometimes, I guess at the answer and get them wrong, but just by answering the trivia questions 10 pieces of dry kibble are donated. Other times, I’ll do a Yahoo search to find the answer. You have the option to have an email sent to you daily to remind you to answer the daily trivia questions. I use this so I don’t forget to help feed shelter dogs and cats every day.

On the Freekibblekat website, you can learn more about Mimi and Castor and Pullox. There are banners that you can post on your websites, My Space pages, and Facebook to get the word out about Freekibblekat. Mimi lists totals from each month about the amount of kibble pieces that have been donated. You can find out the eleven shelters that Mimi is able to supply food to every month. Read the press coverage that Mimi has received. And Mimi has a comic page on the website.

Get over to; it’s so easy to help Mimi feed shelter dogs and cats. Remember to have a reminder sent to you daily, so you don’t forget to answer the trivia questions. It’s a way to help out our furry friends and super simple!

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