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I have four dogs, so needless to say, I have had occasion to purchase a dog kennel or two. Finding the right dog kennel can be a time-consuming process. There are many configurations of dog kennels available from many manufacturers, so depending on the size of your dog, you could find yourself looking at a lot of possibilities or just a few. This guide will help you in your search for the perfect dog kennel.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores offer a wide selection of kennels for dogs of any size. Kennel sizes are available in sizes though the best price is for a 7 ½’wide x 13′ long x 6′ high. The retail price for this kennel is $198 and is available in most Lowe’s stores and online. This kennel is easy to set up and is made from galvanized steel.

Perhaps you are looking for a kennel/training crate for indoors. If this is the case check out the selection available from Petco. Petco has a wide selection of indoor kennels manufactured by Petmate. Petmate kennels are collapsible and made from heavy gauge wire covered with a black finish. Shipping from petco.com takes about 7 business days though these kennels are available in most Petco stores. Sizes available include 18″w x 24″w x 21″h ($69.99), 21″w x 30″d x 24″h ($89.99), 24″w x 36″d x 27″h ($109.00) and several other sizes. A more extensive list can be found at www.petco.com

Another great place to find kennels for you dog is www.dogkennels.com. This website offers a large selection of kennels that will be perfect for any breed of dog. One of the manufactures featured is Champion Kennel. Champion Kennels come in many sizes. Also available for purchase from dog kennels.com are kennel covers to keep your dog dry in the rain. Champion Kennels are priced from $214.98 to $449.98. This site also offers free ground shipping and a return policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

Are you one of those pet owners who take your dogs with you everywhere you go? Are they a member of your family that you just can’t leave home without? Do you take your dogs on family outings or vacations? If so the thought of your dog roaming free in the car while you drive long distances might be something you don’t enjoy. For those cases the perfect choice is the Portable Travel Kennel. This kennel is 40″ x 40″ x 32″. It’s size makes it perfect for traveling or for use in your home. The wood constructed floor of this kennel provides a comfortable place for your dog to lie. This kennel is available through Wal-Mart and retails for $148.92.

Another option you may want to consider is constricting a kennel out of supplies purchases at your local home improvement center. There are many plans available on the internet for constructing sturdy, safe kennels for your dogs. You may be able to save some money by doing it this way. If you are choosing to purchase a kennel to be used outdoors make sure you have a level area and a bag or two of concrete mix handy for setting the corners.

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