Dog-Friendly Games: Fun for the Whole Family


Do you have a furry, four-legged family member? If so, then you know how much fun games are with them! It’s important to keep your dog entertained and stimulated. Some dogs may not be great at certain activities like fetch or tug of war, but they might excel at others. We’ve compiled 12 dog-friendly games that will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family!

Dog-Friendly Games: Fun for the Whole Family

1. Fetch: This classic is always a hit and can create many hours of entertainment for both you and your dog.

2. Tug of War: If your dog loves to tug, then bring out his competitive side with this game!

3. Hide and Seek: Make it even more fun with treats as the reward! Just be sure to never leave your pup unattended around the house while playing this game as they may get into something they shouldn’t or could hurt themselves jumping on counters or tipping over furniture.

4. Frisbee: Who doesn’t love catching some air? Make sure to use soft frisbees so there’s no risk of injury if the catch isn’t clean and don’t throw too high so your pup doesn’t jump and hurt themselves.

5. Cat and Mouse: This game will teach your dog to pay attention and anticipate your next move.

6. Fetch the Newspaper: Whether you’re having a lazy morning or just want some time to yourself, why not let your pup fetch the paper? He’ll be happy to do it as long as he gets a treat! But don’t stop there; create more games like this so your dog always has something fun to look forward to when you need them to stay busy for a little while alone .

7. Squeaky Ball: Doesn’t everyone love playing with squeaky toys? Here’s one that can help tire out even the most energetic pups!

8. Play Dead: This game doesn’t require any equipment, but it will get your dog moving! Watch out for some play growls, though.

9. Find the Treat/Toy: Hide the toy or treat in plain sight so your pup has to try and find it! You can also mix it up with both a toy and a treat instead of just one or the other.

10. Skip the newspaper- Bring out the hose, have him fetch his favorite rubber ball, then have him jump through the sprinkler! Dogs are sure to love this fun summertime activity that’s perfect for hot days!

11. Fetch Light Objects: If your pup loves to chase light objects like socks or balls of tissues, this is another great way to get your dog moving.

12. Fetch the Leash: Teach your pup to bring you his leash when he’s ready to go somewhere or when you need him to calm down so this game can turn into a lifesaver!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of dog-friendly games and we encourage your feedback. Here’s a list for all the other pet owners out there who may not know where to start with their own children playing together! Have fun, stay creative, and enjoy some quality time bonding over these easy-to-learn games that are perfect for the whole family.


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