Designer Dogs: Dressing Your Pooch for Style and Function

Lately, it seems, everyone is dressing their pets. Celebrities pay big bucks to dress their dogs in the latest doggie fashions and puppy moms and dads everywhere are buying cute little sweaters, snazzy jackets and clever t-shirts for their pooches.

Designer dogs are everywhere! Some owners dress their dogs for warmth or protection from rain while others dress their dogs in leather jackets and shirts with cute sayings as a fashion statement. With all the choices out there for "doggie wear," it can be difficult to discern whether or not to dress your pup. It helps to know the difference between doggie wear that is functional and which is stylish. From there you can decide, should your dog be a designer dog?

Stylish Duds

The latest trend in Hollywood seems to be well-dressed dogs. Celebrities walk the red carpet and their dogs are dressed as well as they are. They shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars to dress their dogs in the latest designer originals. The "other half" also enjoys dressing their dogs, but for much less money. You can walk into nearly any pet store or visit just about any pet supply website and find puppy apparel including Harley Davidson leather jackets and vests and sweatshirts with slogans like "Bad to the Bone." While you typically see smaller dogs dressed to the nines, there are designer duds available for the larger breeds, even Great Danes.

Functional Fashion

Sometimes, doggie fashion is a necessity. The little guys like Chihuahuas, Yorkies and poodles loose more body heat faster due to their smaller size. In such cases, sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets designed for warmth are necessary. Some larger short hairs also enjoy the warmth of a doggie sweater or sweatshirt. Rain gear is also available for dogs. There are rain coats and even booties so that the dog won't get his feet wet. When it comes to warmth and protection against the elements, functional doggie fashions are the answer. You can even get your dog a snappy hoodie sweatshirt so that he can be at the height of fashion and still be warm and dry.

To Dress or Not to Dress?

Making the decision whether or not to dress your dog is a personal one and depends mainly on your dog and where you live. If you live in an area that has a cold, snowy climate, you may want to dress your pup in something to keep him warm. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, a rain coat (and even booties) may be in order.

Smaller breeds and short hair breeds may enjoy a sweater or sweatshirt even in warm areas because air conditioning can chill them. Of course, if you just want your dog to look cute and be noticed, there are plenty of cute outfits you can choose for that purpose too! Your pooch may even appreciate your efforts, especially if you are dressing him to keep him warm and dry! Anyway, the dog and other animals fashion industry would be a new market waiting to be explore.

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