Dallas Doggie Daycare Spas

Dallas has some wealthy people who own pets. It has always been a place where people spend money on lavish lifestyles. You'd be surprised how people can pamper their dogs–sometimes showering them with better care than they give their own children! That said, the day care business for dogs is really becoming popular in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. There are lots of different providers to choose from here. Some particularly caught my attention.

Pooch Patio is quite the luxury hotel for canine pets. It operates on a little different twist by providing areas where pet owners can relax with their pooches and have a java or play in another area. They serve beer and wine in the Java Hous Bistro as well. Also unusual is the fact that they allow people to go and do grooming themselves, then relax at the bistro. This costs just $14.95 for mid-sized dogs and is great for people who don't have raised tubs at home. They have 2,000 sq. ft. of turfed outdoor exercise area and a swimming pool for water-loving pooches. They even can pick up and drop off your dog. A full day for mid-sized dogs is just $16, and they say it can really help change the behavior of restless, shut-in dogs. They crate-board dogs overnight for $30, in cleaned, disinfected kennels. Their pet boutique is also worth checking out. 
3811 Fairmont St. 
Dallas, TX 75219 

Dee's Doggie Den provides a full spa treatment for all dogs, with teeth cleaning, nails clipped and blow dry. It costs $32-$38 for mid-sized dogs. A full grooming with a day at the spa costs and extra $6-$12 over the regular grooming costs. Medium dogs of 50 lbs. or less will cost $15 for a day's stay at the daycare facility. There's exercise time, rest, play and social time with lots of toys and other pooches. They also have training and packages available with discounted pricing for multiple stays. 
Dee's Doggie Den 
6060 Mockingbird Lane @ Skillman, Suite C 
(214) 823-1441

Norma Gonzales, who has been running this service for Dallas pet owners since 1996, owns petite Pooch. She welcomes questions and seems happy to give people answers. Evidently, she has been successful, since she's now opened up a second location at Carrolton. What's neat about this woman is that she runs a pet grooming school, so you can get discounted grooming from one of her advanced students. Now that sounds like a deal. It's $40 for dogs of 40 lbs. and over, less for smaller dogs. This also includes a Fulminator process to trim out underneath hair and stop 60%-80% of shedding–something that most pooch palaces charge extra for. But note that the discount grooming is only at the Carrolton location. Their pooch Chateau has soft music, soft couches and beds, lawns, outdoor play areas with toys and stations, and even a doggie den with TV! Check it out. 
3420 Garden Brook Drive 
Farmers Branch, Texas 
(972) 241-2500

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