Control Your Dog's Digging

My lab pointer loves to sniff and dig that's the type of breed she is, a sniffer and a digger. Unfortunately because she's a digger and loves to dig, we have a number of nice size holes throughout our yard for all the neighbors to see. It looks like some gophers went for dips in our yard. If you have the same problem with your dog and you probably have had this problem before, there are a few things you can do to control your pet's digging and get back your manicured yard.

Get your dog some exercise by walking or playing with them this can tire them out so they will not have any energy left to dig. Engaging them in 30-minute exercises or playtime everyday can help cut down on the energy they need to dig. One way to control your dog's digging maybe as simple as finding them a cool place to sit. Many dogs dig to find a cool place during the summer months. You'll find out if your pet is digging to find a cool place if you see them sitting in the hole. The problem is that that hole will eventually warm up and they'll dig deeper or look for another spot to dig. If you notice this, make sure you provide your dog with enough water and lead them to a shaded area under a tree or a nice cool spot on the ground. My dog likes to sit on the porch next to the door, which allows them to feel the cool air coming from the house.

If your dog is watching you dig in the garden, this may give them the incentive to dig themselves so make sure you dig when they are not watching or move them to another area. Another method to control your dog's digging is to put up a fence or use wires to prevent your dog from digging. If your dog is digging to get out from under the fenced in area, make sure the fence goes deep enough into the ground. A simple method to control your dog's digging is to cover up the areas by putting down bricks or other heavy items to prevent them from digging. You can also control your dog's digging by telling him "No" in a loud, firm voice and then giving him something else to play with that will get his attention away from the hole.

The last method to try and control your dog's digging is by giving them their own special hole or area to dig. For those who have breeds, like myself, that can't help but dig you can provide them a special area to dig or dig a hole yourself for them. The trick is to get them to only dig in certain areas. You can start digging the hole and once your dog joins in put some of their toys in the hole and then cover it up, this will keep them focused on a certain area to dig. Also, while you are digging tell your dog to "dig", that will give them the cue to dig that hole after you finish burying the toys.

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