Chicago's Montrose Dog Beach

Do you live in Chicago? Do you enjoy going to the beach a lot, but can't seem to find a beach that both you and your pet dog can enjoy together in that area? Well, if you are trying to find a beach that both you and your dog can enjoy together, you need to go to Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago, Illinois.

Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago is located on Wilson Drive and can be accessed from North Simons Drive as well. However this is a beach that does require a permit, which can be bought for five dollar from your local Chicago area vet after your pet has been exam and vaccinated for whatever your dog might need. The reason the beach requires you to do that are because they are making sure all dogs are safe on the beach because there is no required leash law. If you decide to go to the beach without a permit you will get fined a good amount, so make sure you have a permit.

When you walk into Montrose Dog Beach you will notice its not just a regular beach because you will see tons of unleashed dogs running around freely with their owners watching them near by. Montrose Dog Beach is a fenced in beach where the dogs and puppies can run around in the sand and water freely. This is defiantly a great place to bring your dog and puppy to meet new doggie friends, play happily in the sun together, and get a bit of exercise. However if your dog does go to the bathroom on the beach because he or she gets excited while playing, you will need to grab a plastic baggy and shovel his or her mess into it and toss it away in the trash cans they have provide there. They do try and keep the beach as clean as possible.

The dog beach is open early in the morning until 9:00 pm, and after hours you aren't allowed to bring your dog here at all, or again you will be fined. Try to go during hours so you can actually enjoy the beach with your pup without getting into some kind of trouble here. Usually the best time to go to the dog beach is early in the morning or late in the evening just before the dog beach closes.They are very strict at this dog beach because they want this to be a safe place for you and your dogs to come and enjoy, and if you ever have a problem at the beach there are security guards walking and watching the dog beach just in case something happens and you need their help.

Basically all you need to know about Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago is it's a nice clean and fun beach to enjoy with your dog just as long as you follow the rules. If you want more information on Montrose Dog Beach in Chicago click on the link attached to my article and it will give you any information that I might have left out. I hope you enjoy your day at the beach with your four legged furry friend.

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