Are Tennis Balls Dangerous for Dogs?

Are tennis balls dangerous for dogs? It’s a question that many people have been asking themselves since they were little. The answer is not so simple, as it depends on who you ask and what your definition of “dangerous” is. In this blog post, we will explore the different opinions from veterinarians and dog owners about whether or not tennis balls are good for dogs.

Why are tennis balls dangerous for dogs?

Many veterinarians say that tennis balls, while they seem innocent enough, can actually be dangerous for our dogs. However, these claims are not without some controversy. Some vets say that the reason why certain tennis balls are dangerous is because they contain a chemical called lead which has been known to cause cancer and other health problems such as brain damage and kidney failure in animals.

Others claim that it’s not just the paint on the ball that …

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat?

­You’re out to dinner with friends when the waiter comes by to ask if you’d like some fresh sea bass rare and served on the side. You don’t know much about fish, but you do know it’s expensive and takes forever to cook. The waiter brings you a plate of raw fish fillets, which he says have been marinated in olive oil and wine and then grilled. He tells you they taste delicious and will be perfect for dipping in melted butter.


As you take your first bite, you notice something strange about the texture: It feels more rubbery than usual. You finish eating them anyway because you see no reason not to, and you wash down the meal with a big glass of water. Later, while driving home, you start thinking about what happened at dinner. Wasn’t the fish supposed to be cooked before it was given to …

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Dog Training, Whose Advantage

One night I slept off without locking up, Maisky kept watch at the door. Then about 3  AM I was roused from sleep by his loud barking under my bed. I opened my eyes to behold a man right inside my room, and I acted instinctively throwing my reading chair, which was by the bedside, at the intruder. He jumped out  the room, and I quickly rushed  and pushed the

jam-lock-door to.


Then my heart started to dance to Maisky’s frenzy barking. I was almost going into cardiac arrest trying to quieten  my dog who by now was bent on not leaving the security of the room. He was very afraid of the intruder whom he believed was out there waiting to get him.


Maisky’s barking was so intense, my heart beat synchronized it, sweat poured from my pores like leaking plumbing pipes. Under very severe cardiac pressure,  …

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Dog Behavior Problems: Help! My Dog is a Nuisance When He Misbehaves!

How many times have I hear fellow dog owners say, “I hate it when he barks non stop… or he utterly embarrassed me when he mounts people’s leg”. Dog owners usually have no problems to fill in tons of their dog behavioral problems into the above statements.


I have to admit that I feel disappointed, even sad whenever I hear dog owners say that statement. Why? Because, these owners have failed to see things from their dog’s prospective! To put it simply, I should say that they don’t understand their dogs at all.


Dogs do not misbehave because they’re spiteful, or are out to annoy or anger you. They just behave in a manner which is expected of a dog!


The fact is that dog behavioral problems that we can’t stand are not problems at all to the dogs. In fact, do you know that dogs “misbehave” …

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What Are Some Unknown Facts About Dogs?

There’s no doubt that dogs have long held an important place in many cultures around the world. In fact, it’s estimated that there were probably between 80,000 and 100,000 different dog breeds alive today at the beginning of the 20th century. But how did all of those individual dog types come into existence? And why do so many people choose them as their pet especially considering that not even one percent of dogs is actually owned by any human being on Earth?


In this article, we’ll look at what makes dogs such popular pets, where the idea came from for most modern dog owners, and whether or not you can train your own dog to perform tricks like jumping through hoops. We’ll also find out if it’s possible to own tons of different dog breeds and which ones are best suited for particular environments.


How Long Have Dogs …

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How Do You Train a Dog to Stop Jumping on People?

It’s happened again and again your family is out for drinks at a restaurant or party when your dog jumps up onto a chair or table and starts sniffing around like he owns the place. You’re about to yell “no” and drag him off, but then you remember that one of his favorite tricks is bouncing on people. It looks cute, so you let him bounce once before saying something stern. But by the time you get home, he has already bounced several times. What gives?


If this sounds familiar, there are plenty of reasons why dogs have trouble learning new behaviors. For example, if they’ve been rewarded for an unwanted behavior in the past, they’ll be more likely to repeat it because they know what works. In addition, some breeds of dogs tend to think jumping is part of being a puppy. A good rule of thumb is …

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How Traumatic Is it for a Dog to Change Owners?

If you’ve ever owned a pet dog, then there are some things you probably remember about them. Your own personal experience with your dog may have been brief and relatively uneventful maybe they were just the best companion in the world, or perhaps you took them everywhere because they made you feel safe.


However, even if those experiences seem like nothing more than pleasant memories now, chances are good that one day you might look back on them fondly as well. After all, dogs are pretty remarkable creatures, and we humans aren’t always so amazing either.


Dogs can recognize their families by smell, and they can anticipate our needs and actions without being told specifically how to do so. They’re loyal and loving, and they give unconditional love back.


But what happens when your dog grows up? What happens when your new family goes through changes such …

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Does Your Pet Dog Suffer From Heartworms?

Dog heartworm is a common disease among canines in the United States. Discovered in 1856, the worms mainly live in your dog’s heart and major blood vessels.


The worms, especially on worst cases, seriously impair the heart’s operations. Worse, they could also clog your dog’s blood vessels. These infections result to body weight losses, chronic cough, dropsy, breath shortness, chronic heart failure, vision disturbances, and ultimately, death.


Since the symptoms of heartworm disease vary among dogs, it would be best that a veterinarian check your dog to evaluate a final analysis. Most dogs show visible symptoms only when the disease has reached the point where it would be almost improbable to be cured by treatment. To help you see early symptoms and to hopefully save your dog, look out for these signs:


– Dogs that have been quite active usually tend to be tired easily.


– …

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Adopting Dog: Is it a good idea?

Adopting an older dog may not be the best idea for everyone. The decision to adopt a pet should never be made lightly, and this holds true when considering adopting an older animal. If you’re considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, it’s important that you evaluate all of your options carefully and spend time thinking about how much work the new addition will mean in terms of caretaking and training. Get your adopted pup some rope toys at DoggieToys.Deals

Adopting Dog – Pros

    Many older dogs come home already house broken and know how to behave around humans.

    Older pets need homes too! Many shelters are full of animals waiting for adoption, so if you want a new pet now is your chance to find one.

    Older pets will not be grown out by the time they tend to their needs. Your pet will stay …

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Dog-Friendly Games: Fun for the Whole Family


Do you have a furry, four-legged family member? If so, then you know how much fun games are with them! It’s important to keep your dog entertained and stimulated. Some dogs may not be great at certain activities like fetch or tug of war, but they might excel at others. We’ve compiled 12 dog-friendly games that will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family!

Dog-Friendly Games: Fun for the Whole Family

1. Fetch: This classic is always a hit and can create many hours of entertainment for both you and your dog.

2. Tug of War: If your dog loves to tug, then bring out his competitive side with this game!

3. Hide and Seek: Make it even more fun with treats as the reward! Just be sure to never leave your pup unattended around the house while playing this game as they may get into something they …

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