Breeding Your Dog: Think Twice

While my main focus here is dogs, remember the same applies for other pets. I happened to come across a local advertisement of a woman selling outrageously priced Pomeranian puppies the other day. While not really uncommon, one detail made me groan in disgust. The "mother" of the puppies was only 5 months old. No where near old enough to be whelping puppies. Not only was this breeder not producing quality Poms but she was also risking the health and lives of the puppies and mother. To make matters worse, the lady was already planning on breeding the puppy during her next heat cycle as well. She was advertising that if she didn't have the color or sex you wanted, she was taking "reservations" for the next litter. I couldn't help but leave a comment stating my disgust in the hopes that someone looking for a puppy would read it and avoid the breeder at all costs.

So this brings us to the topic of breeding. I understand how some people are extremely fond of their pets and want an offspring from him/her. However, there are lots of things to consider before even thinking about giving into the desire. If more people really took the time to understand the cons of breeding, we would be able to significantly decrease the amount of unwanted pets.

Keep in mind, just because your dog has papers it doesn't mean it's a good enough quality to breed. Much more goes into breeding dogs then the average dog lover really realizes. If you don't know what all it requires, you shouldn't breed.. If you aren't prepared to do everything possible to make sure your puppies are taken care of, you shouldn't breed. You may end up selling a puppy that will be abandoned down the road. You may also end up selling to an owner that proves to be irresponsible by not spaying/neutering, letting their dog breed over and over again. Not only are you not producing quality pets, you are also contributing to the overpopulation of unwanted animals

If you're just looking to just make some extra money, you might want to think twice. If anything, you'll probably be losing out on money. Not only will the mother's health have to be monitored during the pregnancy. There's always the chance that things may go wrong and the mother will need a c-section. The puppies, once born, will also have to be evaluated by the vet. Not to mention you'll have to start paying for shots for the puppies until they are old enough to sell. You'll also have more mouths to feed. And what if you end up getting stuck with one or two puppies that you just can't sell? All of this will prove very costly.

I love my dogs. I have a beautiful male an female Pomeranian. However, I would never consider breeding either of them. Both of my dogs are what I consider "rescues." There are so many animals out there waiting for a home. Don't contribute to the already crowded shelters and rescues out there. Spay/Neuter your pet and help reduce the number of unwanted pets.

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