All Dogs Have Their Own Look

Watching her walk down the street, one would think that they should be hearing whistling. She looks that good, her hair is perfectly cut and set with bows with her nails are painted to match. If you guessed that I was describing your neighbor's poodle, you are correct. Then you look further down the street and you see another site, one that alerts you to the fact that people tend to carry the look of their pet. Some are shaggy, some have their hair cut, and some are fluffy with others looking as if they couldn't care less what they look like as long as they are having a good time. Each dog has his own style, some much like their owners. It is almost shocking how similar people and their pets tend to look. It makes you wonder if an individual's picks out his puppy for what it looks like more than its personality.

One of my favorites in my complex is the woman that looks like her Pug Dog. They both have the fatty body with the pushed in face and carry themselves as if they are gorgeous. Then there is the Poodle that you would be sure that a mere puddle would not only ruin day, but her entire week. I wonder which her owner spent more on that month at the beauty parlor, for the dog or for herself. They both have their hair perfectly cut, set and their nails are so nicely painted that I wonder if either of them knows what any type of dirt might be.

Then I have to chuckle, the Jack Russell Terrier who is mixed with something blonde is walking by, with what anyone would guess to be a permanent smile on his face. He walks through anything, not seeming to care that his hair is messy, which enhances his mischievous facial expression. He seems to look like he only cares about his next silly act. Being blonde, the average person simply thinks that he is harmless and playful; especially when they notice that his owner is blonde and appears to also not care what she puts on in the morning. I have been known to wish his owner a good morning in the afternoon as she is a writer who never seems to change out of her pajamas. She and her dog should learn at least a slight lesson from the Poodle and her owner, a trip to the beauty shop would not hurt either of them at least once in their lives.

There is a moral to this story, and that is to be sure and check to see how much grooming the breed that pick to buy is going to need. If the puppy of your choice is going to grow into a dog that needs a lot of primping, do you want that in your life? Or are you seeking an animal who might be a bit more like the Terrier, fun to have with very little that you can do to improve his look. And, remember that often we pick out a pet that does look like us, so be sure to pick the pup that compliments you.

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