Why Do Dogs Get So Excited for Human Food?

­You’re walking down the street one day when you notice that your neighbor’s pet is sitting next to his front door, staring at you intently. You can’t help but wonder what he wants. A few seconds later, your curiosity pays off as the dog jumps up onto all four feet and begins to frantically bark and drool. He runs over to you, tail wagging furiously, then sits back down to stare again. It seems this canine friend has no problem making an impression  or letting you know how much he likes you.


Dogs are social creatures, and they often use body language to communicate their feelings about people, places and things. Whether it’s greeting another animal by raising their tails high while sniffing each other, or running toward someone who feeds them treats, dogs have been known to show affection through their actions.


Even if we humans aren’t …

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