Dog Lovers And Detractors Seek Common Ground

Responsible dog ownership not only involves taking top-notch care of your pet, experts agree, but also being considerate of those around you. A recent survey by the American Kennel Club (AKC) revealed that some dog owners need a tighter leash on their canine companions-especially when out and about in the community.


Forty-seven percent of non-dog owners surveyed cited “a lack of picking up after their dogs” as their number one complaint with dog owners. Twenty-five percent said “not controlling their dog” or “letting the dog jump on you,” and 13 percent said “allowing a dog to bark incessantly.”


One result that should cheer dog owners: Only 4 percent said they were most annoyed by “the way dog owners fawn over their pooches or use baby talk to address their dogs.”


Whether you’re looking to make peace with your neighbors or just now considering adding a pup to …

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