What Dog Breed Is Ideal for Old People?

¬≠If you think about it, we’ll all age at different rates. Some folks may be lucky enough to see their 60th birthday while others will celebrate turning 100. No matter your age or when you plan on adopting a new furry friend, it pays to know a few things about canine physiology before bringing home the next cute pooch. Dogs can’t talk, but they make up for this deficiency by wagging their tails and jumping up in greeting.


Dogs also use body language to communicate with us how else would you explain the way your pup responds to “sit” or “stay?” Older dogs may look less agile than puppies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to play. As humans, we tend to get complacent about our pets’ abilities, but even the most energetic young puppy can tire out after playing fetch 10 times. And then there’s the fact …

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