Does Your Pet Dog Suffer From Heartworms?

Dog heartworm is a common disease among canines in the United States. Discovered in 1856, the worms mainly live in your dog’s heart and major blood vessels.


The worms, especially on worst cases, seriously impair the heart’s operations. Worse, they could also clog your dog’s blood vessels. These infections result to body weight losses, chronic cough, dropsy, breath shortness, chronic heart failure, vision disturbances, and ultimately, death.


Since the symptoms of heartworm disease vary among dogs, it would be best that a veterinarian check your dog to evaluate a final analysis. Most dogs show visible symptoms only when the disease has reached the point where it would be almost improbable to be cured by treatment. To help you see early symptoms and to hopefully save your dog, look out for these signs:


– Dogs that have been quite active usually tend to be tired easily.


– …

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Adopting Dog: Is it a good idea?

Adopting an older dog may not be the best idea for everyone. The decision to adopt a pet should never be made lightly, and this holds true when considering adopting an older animal. If you’re considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, it’s important that you evaluate all of your options carefully and spend time thinking about how much work the new addition will mean in terms of caretaking and training. Get your adopted pup some rope toys at DoggieToys.Deals

Adopting Dog – Pros

    Many older dogs come home already house broken and know how to behave around humans.

    Older pets need homes too! Many shelters are full of animals waiting for adoption, so if you want a new pet now is your chance to find one.

    Older pets will not be grown out by the time they tend to their needs. Your pet will stay …

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