What Is the Most Friendly Breed of Dog?


Do you want a great family pet or just someone who’ll curl up with you on the couch and sleep through the night? If you choose wisely, your canine companion can do both. It’s all about finding the right mix of traits that suit your lifestyle. For example, if you like sleeping in late and taking long walks by yourself, then maybe a longhaired pooch isn’t right for your personality type. Find great dog toys at Doggietoys.deals


The American Kennel Club (AKC) has compiled the following list of the 10 most friendly dogs based upon their temperament testing results. These pups were tested across a variety of categories including aggressiveness toward strangers, shyness around other animals and how quickly they approach people. They also considered each breed’s overall desire to please and interact with others. So what did we learn about those cute-looking puppies out there? Read on!…

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