Ideas for Father's Day Gifts for Dog Lovers

In trying to come up with a suitable gift for a person, it's always useful to have a "hook." For Father's Day, for example, if your father is a dog lover, that fact opens up a myriad of gift possibilities. (Here's an idea: Accompany your gift with a Father's Day card filled out with a clever message indicating it's from his dog. That's his little child after all.)

* One category of items to consider is supplies for Dad's dog itself. Perhaps a fancy new leash and collar with a special inscription, a gift basket of assorted dog biscuits and treats, grooming tools such as a deshedding brush and nail clippers, or a doggie bed.

* There are practically an infinite number of items that can come in the shape of dogs or be decorated with a dog design-everything from bookends to clocks, from coat racks to weather vanes. Find …

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